FunnelsKit Review and Bonus by Richard Fairbairn – Best New complete drag and drop system Build sales and lead funnels in minutes

FunnelsKit review

FunnelsKit is amazing product

FunnelsKit A Simple, Yet Powerful Point and Click Funnel Builder Made By Marketers For Marketers! Funnels Kit Lets You Tap Into The Power of Profitable Funnels In Only A Few Simple Steps. Once you become a member today, you’ll be able to get a profitable funnel up and running in only minutes. Everything You Need For A Profitable Sales Funnel Is All Included Under One Roof! The great thing that you’ll find is that absolutely EVERYTHING you need to run your online business, generate leads, convert those leads to sales, and more are all included in cloud based solution. There’s nothing to download and install. As I’m sure you already have learned, funnels work great for ANY type of business. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a brick and mortar or an online presence. Funnels will let you maximize your success without spending a ton of time in the process. But if you’re still wondering whether or not a funnel is right for you, here’s how having access to Funnels Kit can help with any of the following: As I’m sure you already have learned, funnels work great for ANY type of business. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a brick and mortar or an online presence. Funnels will let you maximize your success without spending a ton of time in the process. But if you’re still wondering whether or not a funnel is right for you. All the Other Drag and Drop Page Funnel Builders Just Don’t Cut It. How Do We Know? BECAUSE WE’VE BOUGHT THEM ALL. As we said earlier, we don’t want to get into a mud throwing contest. A lot of the other solutions out there do have some value. We’d be lying if we said they didn’t. But if you’re like us, you might find yourself paying for MULTIPLE services trying to piece the perfect funnel building system together. And we should know because we’ve owned a ton of the tools out there. Yes, I’m talking about the same tools that you own right now. And while they did help in some way, they just didn’t deliver fully in helping us create funnels easily so we could get on with our day. And that’s why we decided to create Funnels Kit. So we could have the solution that so many others have been craving when it comes to building profitable funnels.

Plain and Simple, You Need To Use Funnels CORRECTLY In Your Business If You TRULY Want To Hit Your Income Goals. Listen, EVERYONE who succeeds online has a funnel of some sort. Everyone. Name one big name marketer or business owner that’s pulling in millions or more per year and I’ll show you the one common denominator among all of them. A funnel. They understand the value of their time and know that unless you can streamline your lead generation and sales process – you simply won’t make the kind of money that’s truly life changing. I’m talking about the kind that changes generations. We all get 24 hours in the day. It’s HOW YOU USE THOSE 24 HOURS that truly matters. By using funnels CORRECTLY, you can have a sales army that brings you profit day and night without ever getting tired or asking for a vacation. And that’s why you need to get access to Funnels Kit today. With all the tools available to you under one roof – where else can you go and build a good looking, profitable funnel in only minutes? Not to mention create a membership program and funnel as well? Look, you’ve got potential to live the dreams you truly want to live. And in order to do that, you’ve got to have resources and time. Funnels is the best way to get an abundance of both without the frustration. And Funnels Kit can help you do all of the above in every way. So…Will You Continue To Let Your Million Dollar Ideas Fade Away Or Will You Take Action, Work Smart, and Use The Power of Funnels To Free Up Your Time While Making More Money With Less Effort? Quite frankly, I shouldn’t have to convince you to sign up for Funnels Kit today. If you’re truly serious about making an enormous amount of profit without spending a ton of time in front of your computer, then this is the best drag and drop funnel builder to help you do just that. But, just in case you’re still on the fence – I want you to imagine this scenario: You wake up, have your morning coffee (or tea) go out for a nice exercise and then boom! You get a wonderful idea for a profit generator that you’re sure is going to bring six figures or more. You’re excited. Ecstatic. This is the one. The one you’ve been waiting for that’s going to put you over the top. So you crack open the laptop, log into your favorite page builder and two hours later…SPLAT! You don’t have crap done. Another 2 hours later, you finish the page, but now have to setup the ordering, thank you page, only to see your creative energy sapped to bits. And you haven’t even begun to setup the membership area. Just like that, your opportunity passes and you’re stuck in the same place…for another year.

FunnelsKit Review and Bonus by Richard Fairbairn – Best New complete drag and drop system Build sales and lead funnels in minutes will sold out.

Get Now FunnelsKit :

FunnelsKit Review and Bonus by Richard Fairbairn – Best New complete drag and drop system Build sales and lead funnels in minutes

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FunnelsKit OTO / Upsell :

Upsell One DFY Sales Funnels
This is our done for your sales funnels. These are not just templates but complete done for you sales funnels with sales page and product plus all upsells. We have sold over $1,000,000 worth of these products so they are tried and tested. They will receive 10 done for you sales funnels with the option to include 2 more funnels every month.

Upsell Two DFY Lead Funnels
This is our done for your lead funnels. These are not just templates but complete done for you lead funnels with lead page and all downloads included. They will receive fifty done for you lead funnels with the option to include ten more funnels every month.

Upsell Three
Is our done for your membership funnel. This is a complete done for you membership site. In the membership site the user will receive over two hundred videos that have been done by our inhouse staff with the option to receive 20 new videos each month to help with membership retention.

Make no mistake every section of the software has been built from the ground up and fully tested with 100’s of users before launch

Just A Small Selection Of What Is Included In This Unique Software

Funnel Builder
Our funnel builder is a complete drag and drop system. Build sales and lead funnels in minutes. We have 100’s of different templates that you can use to get started on building your funnels

Page Builder
Our page builder is a drag and drop system that allows you to build any type of page. It has 100’s of templates to use.

And includes…

  • Easy to use Sections, Rows & Elements that can be saved and used in your next pages to save loads of time on each page build
  • Timers to add scarcity to any page
  • Add a popup from our custom popup builder
  • Create image sliders to make your pages stand out
  • Create custom forms to link to our autoresponder
  • Custom buttons that you can integrate directly with payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe etc. Buttons can also be set as 2 step opt-ins or any other link you desire.
  • Create custom headers
  • Create alerts on the page
  • Add in images from our library, pixabay or upload your own.
  • Import HTML from any other pages
  • And much more to create stunning pages.

Our autoresponder allows you to create full campaigns inside Funnels Kit. With follow up automation series and stand alone campaigns.

And includes…

  • Multiple SMTP’s
  • Rotate via SMTP’s on multiple campaigns
  • Full autoresponder follow ups
  • Template library included
  • Campaign tracking
  • Upload your own list
  • Export to use with any autoresponder
  • No limits applied

Membership Builder
Create a stand alone membership site connected to your funnels. Use our membership templates or create your own pages. Connect Stripe and Paypal to build up recurring membership income.

And includes…

  • Protects all files
  • Membership templates included
  • Create your own membership templates
  • Simple set up in just a few steps no complicated setup or installation

Funnels Kit packs all the power of the most popular funnel builders BUT WITHOUT THE ONGOING COST

Just Look At What You’d Spend If You Purchased All Of These Tools Separately On Other Platforms:

Access To ClickFunnels With Monthly Recurring Fee
I’m sure that a lot of people believe this a great solution for their business. And we don’t want to start throwing mud. But we also can’t believe the number of people who subscribe to the service and never really make a profit. Heck, there’s even a group of people on Facebook called the Clickfunnels Exiled Members! And that’s only one. See, it’s hard to try and succeed online when you’re bleeding money month in and month out without any profit to cover your business expenses. It just leads to anxiety, frustration, and a bunch of personal angst. That’s exactly why we wanted to develop something that does all of what popular software like Clickfunnel does, but without the monthly cost. This way you can rest easy and focus on what truly matters. Your goals and dreams.

Ongoing Mailing Costs To Your Subscribers With Popular Autoresponders
Normally most businesses uses companies like Aweber, Get Response, MailChimp, or others to email their subscribers. And recently, some of these companies began charging by the number of subscribers on the segmented lists.
Even if it’s the same person! So if you have one subscriber that’s subscribed to four different lists, you’re going to wind up paying for them 4 times than you normally would. This can be the difference between a few dollars and hundreds of dollars. But with Funnels Kit, you’ll be able to integrate your very own SMTP server and save a ton of costs on emailing your lists without the monthly price gouging. (More on that later…)

Lack of Design Control of Templates
Another problem we’ve seen is that you don’t have a lot of control over the templates you’re given in most drag and drop page builders. And others handcuff you completely that you can’t even create your own. The only solution? Hire an expensive web designer for your needs. Which leads to the next problem…

Sales Page Design For Landing Pages and Sales Pages
Sure you could outsource the design of a template for your sales funnel, landing page, or membership area, but the problem with doing so is that you have to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even if you got it done on the cheap (good luck with the quality), you could spend a few hundred per design. If you really wanted to go into quality, you’re starting a $700 per page design. Now imagine dropping that on just 10 pages within one year. That’s an extra $7,000 OUT OF YOUR POCKET. That’s money you could spend on advertising and boosting your income. Thankfully, you won’t have to invest anywhere near that with Funnels Kit AND you’ll still get access to a ton of templates as well as the ability to build your own pages from scratch.

Developing Your Own Solution
Now you could try and get a developer to create your own funnel builder with all the bells and whistles, but you’d spend at least $5,000 up front in development costs. Not to mention the ongoing development fees. And even after that, you still wouldn’t have everything that’s included inside of Funnels Kit. That’s why it just makes sense to get access to Funnels Kit today right?


  • Easy To Use Point and Click Funnel Builder
  • Dynamic No Fuss Robust Page Builder
  • Membership Funnels and Membership Site Creator
  • Easy To Use Built In Autoresponder Mailer
  • Email Funnel System
  • Advanced Training Sessions


The Tailor Made Funnels Kit Intuitive Dashboard
When you first log in to Funnels Kit, you’ll notice the amazing dashboard that seems like it was made just for you. You’ll be able to easily navigate every single option quickly REGARDLESS of your technical skills. After 10 minutes, you’ll agree that the Funnels Kit dashboard fits your funnel workflow like a hand to a glove.

The Funnels Kit Easy to Use Point and Click Funnel Builder
You’ll find that putting your funnels together in Funnels Kit is easy as 1, 2, 3. It’s as simple as going to create new funnel, filling out a few steps and boom! Instant funnel ready for leads and profit.

You’ll have a choice of three funnels type that you can create:

  • Sales Funnels – Great for selling any type of product, upsells, downsells and more.
  • Lead Funnels – Use these types of funnels to build a highly engaging responsive list that pays like an atm. Just add your own lead magnets and you’re good to go.
  • Membership Funnels – You’ll be able to create funnels and memberships based around your services and/or products with this option.

And if you ever want to see all the items in your funnel, don’t worry. Just go to the funnel section you want (i.e. sales funnel, lead funnels, membership funnels) and select the funnel you want to view. You can see all the details for all your funnels with a single click.

The FunnelsKit Easy To Use Robust Drag and Drop Page Builder
You’ll love the fact that building pages in Funnels Kit is incredibly easy. You can either choose from a template or build your very own page from scratch with the Funnels Kit Editor.

Here’s what’s included:

Completely Customizable Sales Page Templates
We didn’t leave anything to chance with this option. We’re giving you lots of templates to help you get your funnels up and running fast! Use them for your own digital products, physical products, upsells, downsells, and more. It’s as simple as selecting a template you like, editing the sections you want and voila! Your page is ready to start making sales!

Completely Customizable Lead Page Templates – Point, Click, and Edit
We’re also going to give you lots of lead page templates to help you build that profitable email list as quickly as possible. As with our sales page templates, you just point, click, edit, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Completely Customizable Thank You Page Templates – Point, Click, and Edit
You didn’t think we forgot about this option did you? What’s the point of having great funnel pages without a great thank you page? Thank you pages are one of the most important components in the funnel as you can give instant access to lead magnets or move the prospect to another product to buy. That’s why we wanted to set you up with great looking thank you pages that’s sure to impress your customers and subscribers.

Email Templates To Help You Create Emails Fast!
You’ll also find a plethora of email templates available for you to use in multiple niches and markets.

Doesn’t matter if you’re into travel, having a Black Friday sale, or selling gadgets, you’ll absolutely love these templates.
We already know that trying to craft the perfect email can be frustrating for even the most experienced marketers. That’s why we’ve taken the time to meticulously create email templates with engaging subject lines that gets opened and gets the sale!

8 Different Column Blocks To Get Your Personal Designs Just Right
Putting items exactly where you want them on the page can be a bit challenging when using most drag and drop page builders. That’s why we’ve included 8 different column blocks in the Funnels Kit page builder.

Just drag and drop any of these anywhere you want on the page:

You can see all the details for all your funnels with a single click.

  • 1 Column Block
  • 2 Column Block (half and half columns)
  • 3 Column Block (a third for each column)
  • 4 Column Block (a quarter for each column)
  • 5 Column Block
  • 6 Column Block
  • Left Side Column Block (Column with left sidebar â…“ – â…” )
  • Right Side Column Block (Column with right sidebar â…“ – â…” )

Add Your Own Images or Use Pixabay
Images are everything and can help boost sales and conversions. With this option you can use your own image, use an image with a link, or search Pixabay within Funnels Kit and one click add Pixabay images to your pages. And if you ever want to see all the items in your funnel, don’t worry. Just go to the funnel section you want (i.e. sales funnel, lead funnels, membership funnels) and select the funnel you want to view. You can see all the details for all your funnels with a single click.

Additional Page Building Features Included!
As you’ll soon see when you get access today, we’ve loaded the Funnels Kit Page Builder to the max!

Here are the other options included in the drag and drop page builder:

  • The ability to add videos
  • Text and Heading options
  • Padding, margins and page element editing
  • Preview capability
  • Meta data settings (for SEO purposes)
  • Export html capability
  • Export JSON capability
  • Import from JSON capability
  • The Funnels Kit Image Slider
  • The Funnels Kit Progress Bar (for walking prospects through your funnel)
  • Add Email forms on the fly
  • Countdown timers for maximum scarcity
  • Popup Form Builder – for capturing traffic leaving the page

And So Much More!
If I went into detail of all the options included here, you’d spend another 20-30 minutes on this page! Instead, you can explore all that Funnels Kit has to offer you when you get access today. But we’re still not done yet…

The Funnels Kit Membership Creator
You’ll also find that you can create your own memberships right inside of Funnels Kit. Style the pages, add your lessons, and you’re off to the races! You’ll be given the links to the membership areas and your customers will automatically be able to register after paying. All without any involvement on your part! Just another way that Funnels Kit is helping to put more profit in your pocket with less work.

Powerful Built In Autoresponder Mailer
You can also use the built in autoresponder to mail all of your subscribers and customers. It’s as simple as adding your own smtp server and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to setup different campaigns and send email blasts with ease. Now you won’t have a need for any of the popular autoresponder services that overcharge for the same subscribers on different lists. Just create your lists and either import your subscribers or customers or they’ll be added to the lists you setup as they progress through your funnels.

All The Customer Data At Your Fingertips
Want to know how a funnel is doing at a moment’s notice? No problem. You can access the funnel stats in the Funnels Kit dashboard as well as all the customer information you need with only a few clicks.

Email Funnel System
You’ll also get access to every email funnel that we’ve created. These email funnels are specifically designed to get your emails opened and get people to click and buy. Every email funnel system we’ve created will be at your disposal. Add them to the built in autoresponder, edit, and make them your own. Plus, you’ll get access to every email funnel we release every monthly.

Customize Your Checkout Pages With Stripe or Paypal
Funnelkit also allows you to have more control over your customer’s buying experience so you stand front and center. Not Paypal or Stripe. No more ugly, bland, or boring checkout setups. With this option, you’ll be able to add your name, your company’s name, and even your own logo so your branding is fresh in the customer’s mind from A to Z.

Advanced Training Sessions
While we’ve included a robust library of how to videos inside of Funnels Kit, you’ll find that we take it a step further with these advanced training sessions. These advanced training sessions are recorded and uploaded weekly by Richard and designed to help you turn leads into sales and generate tons of income. We’re so serious about your success that we’re not even going to leave it to chance. We’ll show you exactly how to turn a profit online. You’ll absolutely love this part of Funnels Kit.

There’s Tons of Ways To Use Funnels Kit For Your ONLINE BUSINESS AND GOALS

May We Share A Few of Them With You?

There are so many ways you can use Funnels Kit to help you in your business. But in case you are stuck for ideas, here are a few ways we envision Funnels Kit helping you to succeed:

Grow A Million Dollar Empire
We all have ideas, but it’s the execution of those ideas that truly brings success. By using the power of funnels you can realistically build your very own million dollar empire. And Funnels Kit can help you get there. Just use the marketing suite included, follow the training, and scale your way to higher heights with elite income ability.

Make Tons of Sales Around The Clock While Pursuing Your Passions
If you’re like most people, you want to make money – but not spend all day doing so. That’s where having a profitable funnel comes into play. By using the power of funnels, you can have a selling machine that brings profits 24/7 while you travel, golf, take a trip to the spa, or spend time with family. And Funnels Kit has all the tools you need to make it happen.

Get Into Profit Faster
There’s really only two ways to get traffic online. Free and paid. For those people who use paid traffic to drive revenue, you can use Funnels Kit to build your funnels fast so you can test quickly. This way you’ll know exactly where the income opportunities are in only of the fraction of the time it would normally take.

Build Passive Income
Maybe you’re not gung ho on trying to make a million this week. That’s perfectly fine. You can use funnels to build passive income machines that replaces your income and more. Just tap into the tools inside of Funnels Kit to help you make it happen with ease.

Build An Incredibly Responsive List On Complete Autopilot
We all know the saying that ‘the money is in the list’ right? Well that’s not completely true. It’s the RESPONSIVE list that truly matters. And by tapping into the power of Funnels Kit, you’ll have everything you need to build a responsive list easily. Just set it all up once and you’re ready to go!

Here’s how having access to Funnels Kit can help with any of the following:

If You’re Selling Information Products
You’ll also find that you can create your own memberships right inside of Funnels Kit. Style the pages, add your lessons, and you’re off to the races! You can use Funnels Kit for point of contact all the way through delivery of the product. Just set it up once and let the funnel do all the heavy lifting for you while you sit back and relax.

If You Run Your Own Agency
You can use Funnels Kit to help you get more clients by delivering special reports that connect with your audience. Once a potential downloads your special report, you can move them through the funnel all the way to signing up for your service.

If You’re A Coach
Then you already know how important it is to have a consistent amount of leads coming through the pipeline. By using the power of Funnels Kit, you keep the lead machine warm while you spend time helping your current clients get awesome results.

If You’re A Local Small Business
You can use Funnels Kit to not only get new business, but also use it to keep your current customer base’s attention. By adding your customers to your funnels and giving great content in your market, you’ll make yourself the go to solution the next time they are thinking or using the service you provide. Not to mention it’s a great way to get referrals too!

If You Run An Ecommerce Platform
Funnels Kit can help you to boost revenue on your catalog of products. If someone purchases one item, why not add them to the funnel that follows up with multiple related items? And this can all be done once in Funnels Kit while you reap the rewards forever.

If You Publish Your Own Blog
Use Funnels Kit to help you build your following and connect with your audience. From there, you can email the lists you’re building with multiple offers and even let them know when you have a new blog post or podcast available! It’ll be like creating an instant payday anytime you want.

If You’re An Affiliate Marketer
Then we’re sure you understand the importance of getting your prospect or subscriber to take action. Especially if you’re using paid traffic. With Funnels Kit, you can drive that paid traffic to a lead page, get them on the list, and now follow up with multiple offers instead of losing the same traffic to only one offer. This alone can give you 5X, 10X or even 20X return on your ad spend vs. most other affiliate marketing methods.

If You’re A Network Marketer
You can use Funnels Kit to drive prospects to signing up for your company or service. Most people in network marketing absolutely hate talking to people and by using the power of funnels, you won’t have to! It’s as simple creating a lead page and lead magnet with good content, and using that content to move the prospect along. By the time they connect with you, they’ll be ready to sign up under you in your company while you profit in the process. And here’s a quick tip: You could sell the same system to those you sign up since it works so well and make even more money!

Fill In The Blanks
If we didn’t mention a category that you’re involved in and you’re wondering can you use funnels then answer this simple question: Do you need customers and profits? If you answered yes, then you can use a funnel to help you get those results. And Funnels Kit can give you all the tools you need to make it happen!

FunnelsKit Bonuses :

A Complete Done For You Sales Funnel From A to Z
When you get access to FunnelsKit today, I’m going to take it one step further and hand you a fully put together funnel. No gimmies or gotchas.

Everything is ALREADY completed. This funnel includes:.

  • One front end fully designed sales page with high converting sales copy
  • Two fully designed upsell sales pages with high converting copy
  • Everything is already formatted
  • A complete product for sales
  • Delivery setup is already done and built into the funnel

There is literally nothing for you to do except change a few details, add your payment option, and collect your funds. You won’t need to download anything, upload it to your own server, or even mess with any kind of code. Everything else is already laid out and done for you. You just plugin and profit.

How To Build A Profitable Funnel From Scratch Live Training
Instead of just giving you access to FunnelsKit with your purchase today, I’m going to make sure you create an amazingly profitable funnel as well. I’ll be live on camera breaking down every aspect of a profitable funnel and show you how to start building your own. I’ll meticulously walk you through step by step so that you can create a funnel that makes profits for you around the clock. Even when you’re sleeping! Plus, I’ll record the entire thing so you can always refer back to the training whenever you need it.

The Underground FunnelsKit Mastery Sessions
We’ve commissioned our video trainer Alex to spill all the knowledge he has on creating incredible funnels with FunnelsKit. You can watch over his shoulder on video as he will meticulously teach you everything you need to know about the FunnelsKit system and how it can help you build your very own person online empire. Nothing is left out from this course, Alex covers all you need to know to make FunnelsKit and funnel building a step by step success.

You’ll discover items such as:

  • The keys to successful Internet marketing funnels
  • How to build passive profit funnels with as little fuss as possible
  • The 20 ways to profit with funnels (you’ll love this!)
  • And so much more!

This course isn’t sold anywhere else online. But ou can claim this as a bonus when you purchase FunnelsKit today.

A Free Upgrade To The FunnelsKit Agency Level
Normally this would be one of the up-sells and we would be charging $197 for this license but for a very limited time we are including this with the early bird offer. You’ve already seen that FunnelsKit has a full amazing page builder that lets anyone stunning sales pages, lead pages, or any type of page that your heart desires. Even if you’re a complete newbie with no technical skill. With the agency version (that you’ll be upgraded to for free today) you will also be able to create those pages and funnels for your clients. You can then export the pages and give them away or sell them to your clients if you choose. The best part? You won’t have to start from scratch. We have a huge amount of templates that you can start working with so you have no learning curve in creating the pages, funnels or any requirements for your clients.

The Exclusive FunnelsKit Webinar
Myself (Richard Fairbairn) and my partner Paul Okeeffe are both the founders of FunnelsKit. To make sure you get as much of an advantage to succeed as possible, we’re going to hold exclusive webinars where we will personally be walking you through everything you need to know, in order to make FunnelsKit a success. No one knows the software better than us, and we will be passing all that knowledge on to you. We will show you how to build sales funnels from reseller and white label content that you already have, or that is maybe that’s gathering dust on your hard drive right now. We will show you how to create engaging giveaway funnels that turn leads into paying customers and much more. And finally, we’ll also have a very exciting free gift on the webinar that will allow you to profit from FunnelsKit for years to come. This bonus is included when you purchase FunnelsKit today!

Either Your Love Funnels Kit or We’ll Buy It Back NO QUESTIONS ASKED

I want you to take the next 30 days and put Funnels Kit through the full ringer. Go through and use the page builder to the fullest. Drag and drop your way to funnel building bliss. Create more memberships than you can shake a stick at.
And if after doing so for the next 30 days after your purchase – you don’t agree that this is the best drag and drop builder for the price, then we want you to send me a support request. If we can’t fix the i

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