Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji Review and Bonus by Daniel Adetunji – Create Stunning Logos and Graphics with Fully Automated Cloud Based Designing Suite

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji review

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji is amazing product

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji is a premium branding tool that helps the user create beautiful, UNIQUE branding for their business and their clients’ business. It also creates brand mockups too.

Most of the other branding or logo tools that have launched in the space only offer over-used and very few logo options to choose from, making it impossible for the user to create truly unique BRANDING for their business.

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji Review and Bonus by Daniel Adetunji – Create Stunning Logos and Graphics with Fully Automated Cloud Based Designing Suite will sold out.

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Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji Review and Bonus by Daniel Adetunji – Create Stunning Logos and Graphics with Fully Automated Cloud Based Designing Suite

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Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji OTO / Upsell :

FE : Pixielogo

  • Unlimited Unique Icons
  • Unlimited Fonts
  • Font Upload
  • A.I. Assisted Logo Creator
  • Smoothes Drag and Drop Editor
  • Easy To Use Editor
  • Fully Compitable with top video creators
  • 2000+ Logo Templates
  • Artificial Intelligence Mockup Generator
  • Pixielogo University
  • Monthly Update
  • High Quality Images And Vectors
  • Realistic Mockup
  • Save Load project from the cloud
  • Graphics Flipping
  • 1- Click Export
  • Export to SVG with fonts
  • Export to png/jpg
  • API
  • unlimted projects
  • premium support
  • A-Z video training
  • Ruler and Grid scaling
  • Commercial License

OTO 1 : Pixielogo Pro

  • 1000+ Niche templates
  • 1000+ Premium New icons
  • 200+ Premium Fonts
  • Team Share Feature
  • 25 Monthly Templates
  • FB VIP Group
  • Premium Support

OTO 2 : Pixielogo Stock

  • 3 Million Stock Photos
  • 1 Million stock videos
  • Searchable membership
  • Commercial License

OTO 3 : Reseller

  • Reseller License
  • Sales Material
  • Dedicated Support


What Can Your Customers Create With Pixelogo?

Unlimited Unique Icons
The major challenge for most other branding tools is the limit they have on logo icons and it won’t take a long time before branding for all users start to look alike. With Pixelogo, the customer has access to over 1.5+ million logo icons to choose from and the numbers keep increasing everyday. They can easily find logo ideas from the collection based on any keyword. The options are truly endless.

Unlimited Fonts/Font Upload
Another unique part of branding is the fonts and Pixielogo doesn’t fall short. We have over 902 fonts that the user can choose from. And the beautiful part is that the user can upload their own fonts as well to the Pixielogo font list. No other branding tool has this feature.

A.I. Assisted Logo Creator
Brand creation has never been this easy. Simply supply the system with a few relevant information about the brand you want to create and it will automatically find you relevant ideas that will match the design and brand concept you want. Pixielogo does the heavy lifting for you and it saves you time.

Drag and Drop Editor
The Pixielogo Editor is intuitive and super easy to use. It’s so user friendly, my grandma and my 4 year old nephew can use it to create a beautiful branding in minutes.

2000+ Logo Templates To Go
Although Pixielogo is easy to use create branding from scratch, we have also added 1500 pixel-perfect logo designs to get the user started and boost their creativity.

A.I. Mockup Creators
Pixielogo comes with a powerful AI assisted mockup generator. To help see what your designs will look in real life settings, Pixielogo automatically generates mockup designs for the user which includes letterheads, business cards, social media banners and thumbnails, outdoor advert banners and boards and a lots more.

A Complete Pixielogo University
We have created a robust Pixielogo University with useful content on what how to use Pixielogo, how to choose the best branding concept for any business and everything that will help the user become Branding Expert.

Reguler Monthly Templates
The Pixielogo team will on a monthly basis deliver winning branding ideas to the users which will be added to the Templates group. We understand that not everyone is design savvy, but a little inspiration from our monthly free templates and the ease of using the Pixielogo, anyone can become and expert branding creator.

Download HQ Images And Vectors
With Pixielogo, you can download your designs in several formats:

  • High quality transparent PNG
  • High quality PDF format
  • Vector format
  • Print ready format
  • Auto-generated brand mockup

A whopping 1,500 unique logo templates in the following categories with ready made design templates

Artificial Intelligence Powered Simplest Logo Maker

  • Create Unlimited Branding For Your Business And That Of Your Clients’
  • Create 1-Icon To Multi-loon I ogo Designs
  • Auto-Generate Brand Mockups Designs
  • Create Unlimited Designs Without I he Expensive Monthly Costs
  • Completely Cloud-Based And Newbie Friendly
  • Find Design Ideas Based On Keywords
  • LIMITED TIME OFFEIt Commercial License Included Without Upgrade

Create Professional Logo In 3 Simple Step

Step 1 : Select A Template Or An Empty Canvas
There are 2000+ logo templates to choose from. Illsse templates are created by a toot II highly creative designers (butsioully these are the guys who con manage rake ALL the 3 above mentioned networks in the brain to work together somehow…I wish I could share their brain MRIs here – but that information is confidential and classified ). You can even choose an empty canvas and create something on your own -but the good news is – our Artificial Intelligence ensures you don’t need to be crazy or have 3 different brain networks to work simultaneously (or you to create stunning designs.

Step 2 : Type in the keyword and edit the template
This is where the Al comes into play. Just type in the keywords related to your product, market or niche and the system will generate thousands of icons from our in-built library of 1.5 Million Icons in different variations for you to choose from. Edit the chosen template or icons nd watch the changes in ‘real time to create the exact icon you wanted or something oven hotter than that.

Step 3 : Save, download and print your logos
Now just hit a button and save, download and/or pint your designs WITHOUT any additional fon in different formars. You can even share your designs with your team with just a click of a button by adding thorn on to the projects en tho some platform. This is something never won before on any other platform.

Pixelogo Is Best Suited For You If You Are

Affiliate Marketer
Now easily create a bonus page with your branding for every offer you promote. Create an identity for yourself with the perfect logo and branding.

eCom Store Owner
Amazon did this and others followed_because it works. Make your store stand out with every page including the checkout page stamped with your branded logo.

Every blog you write and publish has your picture right at the end. That tells your readers who just spoke to them. Your logo at the top would do the same for you…create an identity and give you a face at the top of your content.

Video Marketer
Brand your videos with your logo and create a fan following. The face thumbnails are too small to notice and remember. Add a logo to every video you create and leverage the brand power.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So, here’s what we are going to do. We are going to let you try Pixielogo for 30 days and create as many logo designs and mock-ups with it as you may like. Sell and use as many of these designs as you like. And still within these 30 days if you feel that you don’t want Pixielogo…just drop us a message and we will process your refund instantly.

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji :FAQ

Ql. Do I need to download and install anything?
Al. No. Pixielogo is completely cloud-based. You just need an Internet connection to access your account and create designs and even access them whenever you want.

Q2. Is the Commercial License a part of the main offer itself?
A2. Only for some time. One this special offer comes to end you’d have to upgrade to the Pro Level to get your hands on it.

Q3. Is there a monthly recurring fee or any other hidden costs that are included?
A3. No. The whole offer is transparent. It’s a one-time fee offer (only for a limited time though). Once this special introductory offer ends…it will be eventually turned into a recurring.

Q4. I have ZERO designing skills. Will this be useful for me?
A4. Pixielogo has been specifically created for people like us who have no designing skills. That’s where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. It compensates for the lack of skills.

Q5. I have another query that is not answered anywhere on this page. What should I do?
A5. Please Contact Us Here. We will be happy to assist you.

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Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji Review and Bonus by Daniel Adetunji – Create Stunning Logos and Graphics with Fully Automated Cloud Based Designing Suite

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji Review

Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji does a great job. Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji is a huge time saver and will save you money Pixielogo Daniel Adetunji review

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